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ConAir Campaign


Yuko did makeup for new products by ConAir. So many of their new products are featuring her works, blow dryers, straight irons, hot rollers and more. Photography is by Fadil Berisha. You might be able to find the products in stores near you!

The products with the photos of her work are everywhere, and here are some examples.

IMG_3827 IMG_3480 IMG_3482joanna_stubbs_editorialalternate_0002_december_2017

Yuko en Ecuador

Yuko did a Makeup Tour in Ecuador, it was her third time as a guest teacher in Ecuador invited by a makeup artist Cuty Ycaza.

This time, she visited three cities in Ecuador; Manta, Machala and Quito. She taught for 8 days in total and each student received hands on advice. The classes covered makeup techniques using colors, double liner, social, red carpet, pageant makeup and many more. Thank you for those who attended and here are some photos from the classes.

Makeup Class in Alabama

Yuko is holding a makeup class in Birmingham, Alabama in Mid-January of 2015.


Please contact below for more information.




ad yuko makeup class 2 alabama

Macys.com Beauty

Yuko’s work is featured as Summer Trend in the Beauty section of Macys.com

You can see three trend makeup of this summer done by Yuko, and how to achieve the looks by step by step.

Get ready for the summer!

Click here 


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Makeup Classes in Baton Rouge

Yuko held two makeup classes at Belle Hotel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on June 6, 2014, at invitation of Rhinestone Runway. The first class focused on how to apply your own makeup as a pageant competitor. The second class was meant for professional makeup artists, therefore in depth techniques were shown. In this class, the students practiced makeup on each other .  In both classes, each student was carefully advised and Yuko complimented them and gave constructive suggestions to improve their work. Thank you for making it happen. It was a pleasure to meet everyone. 🙂

IMG_8665 IMG_8667

Makeup Classes in Ecuador

Yuko gave a 4 day class in Ecuador at the Cuty Ycaza beauty school in March 2014. Her classes included makeup demonstrations which was translated from English to Spanish as she explained by a translator. Her demonstration was displayed in detail using video screens, so all the students in the classroom could see well. Yuko gave all the students hands on instructions. Watch how excited the students after the classes on Yuko’s Instagram.

http://instagram.com/p/lgMBGHLNyc/ スクリーンショット(2014-03-27 1.13.43) スクリーンショット(2014-03-27 1.13.56)

Miss Universe 2013

View Video post by Fadil Berisha

View Photos on Miss Universe Website

Rouge Magazine – Dark Fantasy

Newest photo series from Rouge Magazine using Swarovski Crystal


New Photoshoot with Carmen Dell’Orefice and Diana Avdiu

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